Below is a partial list of available services. Please include any preferences not listed in your questionnaire.

Document Management
Manhandle the mandatory

  • Typing / Word Processing
  • Drafting / revising / distributing e-correspondence
  • Copy Typing / Text Transcription
    (input longhand / mark-ups)
  • Form and template design (stationery / outlines / forms)
  • Manage cloud files
    (Dropbox / Google Drive)

Delegation is key

  • e-Billing/e-Invoicing

Arsenal of tools

  • Microsoft Office
    (Word, Outlook, PowerPoint)
  • Google (Drive, Docs, Forms)
  • Toggl (timekeeping)
  • Wave (invoicing)

Behind-the-scenes magic

  • WordPress websites
  • Email Marketing
    (setup / import email lists, etc.)
  • Landing Pages
    (email marketing campaigns)
  • Canva (social media graphics)